HTML 5 – Using attribute ‘id’ instead of attribute ‘name’ for Anchors

HTML 5As discussed on HTML Anchors with ‘name’ or ‘id’?

According to the HTML 5 specification, we should use id attribute instead of name for anchors.


<a id="anchorname"></a>
<h1 id="anchorname">TEXT</h1>


<a name="anchorname"></a>

Insisting on using name attribute might cause many problems, such as “browser not scrolling to the right anchor position

So, I recommend every users of Easy Smooth Scroll Links WordPress Plugin do an urgent update on your previous anchor texts.

Here is a quick way to achieve this:

  1. Install this plugin  Search and Replace
  2. Backup your database
  3. Do as the following screenshot shows:Using attribute id instead of attribute name for Anchors




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2 Responses to HTML 5 – Using attribute ‘id’ instead of attribute ‘name’ for Anchors

  1. Great article and I love your plugin ESSL!

    Having an small issue right now that some pages do not slide and some do.

    Looking into it….



  2. nesly says:

    Ever since I updated to version 2.0 the plugin has stopped working. My test site works fine (this uses version 1.9) uses 2.0 and doesnt work. I tried replacing with at the anchor and it still doesnt work.

    Whats going on here?

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