Exclude Certain IP/Country/Region/City Traffic from Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics Reports is a must for websmasters to gain a deep view of your visitors behaviour.  Many of us are being bothered by ourselves:  We are actually one of the biggest traffic source, making the Analytics Reports less accurate.

So how to exclude unwanted traffic from the reports?

We are going to use the filter function of GA.

filter function of GA

create filter in Google Analytics

1. When unwanted traffic is from a fixed small area, for example, your home

We can exclude a certain IP, but this usually won’t work as most of us use dynamic IPs; So, we’d better exclude IP ranges, this usually work.

You will need to record your IPs for a few days, and figure our your IP range the ISP assigns to your home. This can easily be done by a simple Google search:

what is my ip

Let’s say, your IP record shows like this:

Day 1.
Day 2.
Day 3.
Day 4.
Day 5.

Then your IP range is 185.29.167. *  We are gonna type in  185\.29\.167.*  

IP Filter Pattern

Dont forget to select the right profile down below:

Apply Filter to Views in Google analytics filter

2. When unwanted traffic is from a larger area – city, region, even country.

We can exclude large area too ! Here is an example of country exclusion:

exclude country from Google Analytics

(China|India)  means exclude traffic from China and India.

Don’t forget to apply it to the right profiles below.

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  1. Shah Nawaz says:

    Easy walkthrough.
    Other sites were just confusing.


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