Easy Smooth Scroll Links Version 1.9 Released

Before Version 1.9 , smooth scrolling effect only works on the same page. Now , you can smooth scroll from one page to another, which will make this plugin useful for setting up site-wide navigation.

Currently, there is a small glitch : When clicking the anchor link the page would flicker. If you mind it, downgrade to old versions https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-smooth-scroll-links/developers/.

To achieve this great feature, I rewrote the javascript code and, sadly, remove the GoToTop button feature for it constantly conflicts with the smooth scroll feature. Please get a more professional GoToTop button plugin like this one:


Enjoy the new plugin !

Happy blogging !


  1. Paul   •  

    I updated to the new version (2.0). It no longer smooth scrolls, just jumps to the anchor. And then it only does that twice. After using two anchor links on a page, the others simply stop working. Please advise.

    • Paul   •  

      I disabled 2.0 and went back to a few older versions, but no matter what version I try, the problems introduced with 2.0 are now still there.

      • Paul   •  

        Solved. I had to go back to an even earlier version. It’s a wonderful plugin, which is why I was worried when it stopped working.

  2. Mike Hanson   •  

    Every time I try to insert a link anchor in a page and press update to save the page, it completely removes the anchor code from page. I am using wp 3.9.1 and easy scroll 1.9. Please help.

  3. Offset5Webmaster   •  

    Hello Jeriff,

    I upgrade the plugin to the 2.0 version.
    “small glitch” fixed :)

    Thanks a lot for this update !!! :) !!!

    I’ve not tried yet the Smooth scroll from a page to another but I’ll let you know when done.



  4. Jef   •  

    Hi Jeriff,

    Thanks for the plugin. I am also having trouble with the version 1.9 and Revolution Slider. Please could you let me know if you’ve found the solution?

    Many thanks,


    • Jamie Dallaire   •  

      I am also having problems with the latest version of the plugin and the Revolution Slider. The header slideshows on each page do not display properly unless I manually resize the browser. The drop shadow being used gathers itself in the top left corner (with Chrome), until I resize the page. With Firefox, only the drop shadow appears, with no image. Once the browser is resized, the slideshow returns to normal (both browsers).

  5. Offset5Webmaster   •  

    Hello Jeriff,

    I’m using your plugin for one of my website.

    I recognized that you have deeply changed the plugin.

    Thanks to the notes you shared, I was able to change the anchors to get my links working again based on the HTML5 reco.

    Before going thurther, thank you very much for the hard work and making this plugin alive with some new versions !!

    Concerning the latest release:

    1. As you explain in this blog, you’ve been obliged to desactivate the “To Top” function. Thats sad in fact, because the “dynamic to top” plugin you propose to install instead is not really replacing your’s (it’s not possible for example to choose the cubic func >> Only a linear scroll to top is possible). The effect is not the same, and when you combine a Cubic Scroll Down with your Plugin, with the Linear “to-top” with the Dynamic to Top Plugin, the effect is a little bit “strange”… or lets say, not as cool as before :).

    Do you know if another plugin exist with as many scroll function options as you proposed before removing the ‘To Top’ option ?

    2. Since I’ve installed the new version of the plugin, when I click on an anchor link, before the page is scrolled down, I have during a Millisecond, another part of my page that is displayed. As if the Javscripts do a first Scroll without smooth, before starting to scroll smoothly.

    Are you experiencing the same ?

    You can test on the following website: http://www.editions-offset5-nantes.fr/

    Thank you for the great work and looking forward to your feedback on these two points.


    • Jeriff Cheng   •     Author

      1. Dynamic “To Top” Plugin is good enough, people just need a smooth scroll to top function, keep it clean.

      2. Yes, there is a little bug, or “small glitch”, I prefer to call it this way. You have no idea how hard it is to achieve “smooth scroll from one page to another”, it’s quite different from the on-page scroll, I had a hard time working on it.
      I’ll improve it in next version, hope to fix this small glitch.

  6. Timothy Hall   •  

    Your Smooth Scroll Links update broke my Revolution Slider – and I had to completely disable your plugin after the update.

    Before the update, as I mentioned in an email and movie I had sent you a few days ago (see http://youtu.be/I4XB5nGNbf4), Smooth Scroll Links was not working – the smooth scrolling was not doing anything; and it was my hope that with your new update ‘that issue would be corrected. But now it is completely broken.

    I am still willing to give you an admin login ‘if you want to come in and have a look – I have a development copy of the site that is an exact copy of the live site ‘that you can experiment with ‘if you’re so inclined.

    Please get back to me on this if you’re interested.

    I am definitely still interested in using your plugin – and would be willing to pay for the pro version if you can get this to work.

    Thank you for the plugin effort.
    And I hope to hear back from you soon.

    – Timothy Hall

    • Jeriff Cheng   •     Author

      Give me your admin access after email you sent to me few days ago.

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