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Troubleshooting WordPress problems.

Change the Number of Woocommerce Related Products

Customizing Woocommerce related products output is very easy, paste the following code to functions.php file Example 1. Display 4 products in 2 columns // Customize Woocommerce Related Products Output function woocommerce_output_related_products() { woocommerce_related_products(4,2);       // Display 4 products in 2 columns … Continue reading

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Change Number of Products Displayed on Woocommerce Shop Page

By default, the number of products displayed on Woocommerce archive pages (Shop and Category Pages) are controlled in WordPress reading settings , the same as number of posts displayed on blog pages.

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Secure WordPress with .htaccess file

Securing WordPress involves many many techniques, tricks. I don’t want to go too far on this topic, here let me share with you some useful code snippets that you can throw into .htaccess file without thinking. These code snippets will … Continue reading

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How to Load JavaScript Libraries from Google CDN & Why It’s Not Recommended

Tons of articles smartly tell us that we should add the following piece of code to theme’s functions.php file in order to harness the advantage of Google CDN: //dequeue jQuery from any plugin add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘dequeue_jquery’, 999999 ); //enqueue jQuery … Continue reading

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HTML 5 – Using attribute ‘id’ instead of attribute ‘name’ for Anchors

As discussed on HTML Anchors with ‘name’ or ‘id’? According to the HTML 5 specification, we should use id attribute instead of name for anchors. Right: <a id=”anchorname”></a> <h1 id=”anchorname”>TEXT</h1> Wrong: <a name=”anchorname”></a> Insisting on using name attribute might … Continue reading

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