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How to Create WordPress Administrative Account via FTP/File Manager

Sometimes we got ourselves locked out of WordPress backend, mostly because of forgetting password. In most cases your could reset password via Email. But you might sometimes forget your email password too. Oh, No! that’s terrible. Here I introduce a … Continue reading

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How to Set Default oEmbed Width and Height in WordPress

According to the codex, The default oEmbed dimensions is: The width defaults to the content width as specified by the theme in the $content_width global. If the theme does not specify a content width, then 500px is used. That … Continue reading

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Disable Emojis in WordPress 4.2. and Above for Better Performance

WordPress 4.2. introduced emoji functionality and inserted some inline js scripts into header area of your WordPress website. It’s a good idea for websites without user generated content to remove the scripts and get faster page loading. Simple method is … Continue reading

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