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Disable Clipboard Manipulations in Firefox

There are times when we copy some words from a webpage and find something new when we paste it, usually with some copyright related messages. See below as an example: Test page:

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Browser Hijacked by Firefox Add-on

There are thousands of Firefox Add-ons   Most of them are good, but bad ones exist. Recently, my Firefox was hijacked, when I was using Google, the search results page was redirected to

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Bad value X-UA-Compatible for attribute http-equiv on element meta

很多网站头部都有下面这行代码, <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8″ /> 这是专门针对IE浏览器的,解决不同版本IE的兼容问题,IE=8 表示“ 强制8以上的更先进的IE浏览器使用IE8的网页处理方式”。 这行代码由于是微软单方面提出的,不是HTML行业标准,所以无法通过W3C检测:

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如何处理WordPress中带 replytocom 参数的链接 ?

WordPress的评论模块有很多带replytocom参数的链接,如下图所示: 这些链接相当于给每个回复评论定位,一定程度上方便了我们。但是坏处也很明显:Google会收录这些链接,造成大量重复内容收录。例如: URL1: URL2: 这两个链接Google都会收录,但是内容是一模一样的。从SEO的角度说,这是很危险的。

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“I would be surprised if that happened.”

“I would be surprised if that happened.”

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